High Maintenance Anonymous / PMBs UNITE Here!
(Dyslexics UNTIE somewhere else)

Why a Website?

You may be asking yourself, why did these crazy women (we're not crazy, just HMA/PMBs [Pogo Mush Brains], or so we delude ourselves to believe) put this here? Well, because there just wasn't enough about ME on the WWW!

ME is definitely a relative term... and depends on who is saying the word... but here, just remember, It's ALL ABOUT ME!!!!

Do You Qualify for Membership?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions... apply now! Tell us why you think you qualify. Tell us your Pogo username so we can add you to our Friends List... and include your favorite badge (name and date so I can find it in your badge album) to be proudly displayed beside your name!

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