Pogo on the Brain
(original author unknown)

Pogo Pogo on the Brain
It makes me click
It's so insane!

Bloodshot eyes, fanny spread
Must get more spins.
Not go to bed!

Sticky keys, a sluggish mouse
Must clean them off
Forget my house!

I sneak and play when I'm at work
Boss wrote me up
He's such a jerk!

And what? The spouse says come to bed?
Wants romance, love?
What's in their head!

Why can't they see that fun awaits
Here is your guest pass
You've got five days.

Ha Ha Hee Hee..you're suckered in
Your tokens add up
You're addicted to spins

We laugh and we chat, new language and lingo
LOL and GG's
As we click and hear BINGO!

Cards and dice, dominoes too
There's pool and there's golf
Games out the wazoo!

Bloodshot eyes, you laugh and complain
You Euchre'd all night
You feel so insane

To 100,000 only 1,000 to go
You sneak and you click
What's just a few more?

Your finger, it throbs, swollen in pain
The doctor's diagnosis
It's Pogo on the Brain

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